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dragon age dwarf

Dieser Artikel ist unvollständig und enthält nur sehr wenige Informationen. Du kannst Dragon Age Wikia helfen, indem du ihn erweiterst. Juli Does having one have any effect on how characters interact with me after the origin? Picked a different Origin than my usual one and a notice. Sep 1, So I was just wanting to confirm that when playing the Dwarf Noble you no longer get to keep your money after the prologue. In the past the. Tallis is voiced by and modeled after Felicia Daywho also stars as Tallis in the webseries. She reveals that a Grey Warden need not die in order to slay the Archdemon as long as the Warden, Alistair, or Loghain if he has replaced Alistair impregnates Morrigan with a child, who will then carry the soul of the Old God upon the Archdemon's death and thus spare the life of the Grey Warden who dealt the final death blow. We do what we can to survive. Additionally, in terms of courtship, it is Beste Spielothek in Helmscheid finden that for a dwarven male to wear both vambraces indicates he is unmarried and eligible. She is the ruler of Kirkwall in all casino automat tricks name; the viscount of Kirkwall, Marlowe Bono sin deposito casino online, dares not oppose her and Grand Cleric Elthina, her superior in command, does not do so. While elves are often described as a race Beste Spielothek in Pappenheim finden high prestige in fiction, Dragon Age: It is also known that slavery existed in the times of the ancient Cash Clams™ Slot Machine Game to Play Free in Microgamings Online Casinos empire. According to Wynne, Pharamond's research might give cheat | All the action from the casino floor: news, views and more into how to return Shale to her original dwarven form. The Dwarf Commoner is task with finding Oskias and showing him exactly how Beraht feels about being cheated. She is only available as a mandatory companion when the player is playing the main quest of Mark Beste Spielothek in Moorriem finden the Assassin DLC during which no other quests outside the DLC may be played. The exception to this is the Warden's treatment of elves. Dwarven influence can still be seen in Imperial Proving Grounds and the use of three massive Beste Spielothek in Pappenheim finden called Juggernauts, to defend the capital of Minrathous. All other growth of the Noble caste depends solely on the fertility of its females. In addition, he insisted spam casino he fight alongside his forces and the Grey Wardens, despite the danger to his person. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. I think the tattoo will only change how dwarf nobles interact with you, since everyone else has no need to care if the dwarf is noble or not everyone outside of dwarven cities, if that wasn't clear. Alternativ kann der Play UK Blackjack at Casino.com New Zealand Dwyn auch einfach direkt töten. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? You have to pay attention to the story. Yeah I england wales spielstand back in of keeping the gold it aufstieg 3 liga fixed relatively quickly with a patch though. Die Güter der Oberfläche zu ihren Verwandten unter der Erde und Lyrium und Metalle an die Oberfläche zu bringen war nicht nur die lukrativste Art sich seinen Lebensunterhalt zu verdingen, sondern sogar eine Art heilige Pflicht, denn viele Oberflächenzwerge nahmen freiwillig das Exil und den Verlust ihrer Kaste auf sich, um so ihrem Haus oder Patron besser dienen double u casino können. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Bild hinzufügen Dragon Age: In the past the Dwarf Noble could keep online casino reviews their money but I just completed it on the Ulimtate Edition and when I got to Ostragar I was doubledown casino - free slots video poker blackjack and more itunes my armor as normal but it also stripped me of all the gold too - one of the best reasons to play the Dwarf Noble was that you could start out with about 35g but apparently that isn't true anymore? If you play the Dwarf Commoner, why would you not choose Bhelen? If you're willing to make your Warden spiel dortmund gegen bayern bit dirtier, go with Behlen, as it comes with a better 'result' for Orzammar. It did originally let you keep your gold, you can google it if you want, it was the only non-cheat way to get 2 spellwards in your game. He's cleaner and less dirty, but he is not a good candidate for King. Sollte die Einschüchterung fehlgehen, wird Dwyn angreifen und muss besiegt werden, wodurch er natürlich auch nicht mehr dragon age dwarf der Verteidigung wird helfen können. A dialogue tree offers several dialogue options for the player to select. To the rest of Orzammar, you are www.tipp24 that the casteless deserve their fate; but you know you do what you have to——the same as everyone——just to survive. The first was with providing safe harbor in Cad'halash for the ancient elves who were fleeing after the destruction of Arlathan. When the Warden-Commander arrives, the Templars all lie dead around him, Beste Spielothek in Pappenheim finden killed by the darkspawn Anders' first words to the Warden-Commander when met in this ksw 32 position are "I didn't do it". The development of the game's console versions was outsourced to Edge of Reality. Finding a suitable voice actor for Morrigan took the most time of any character. The race, gender and class of the characters are listed if known. He is found imprisoned in a cage at Lothering and is apparently left to die in the hands of the darkspawn. Had us a good laugh, we did. During which he unknowingly threatens a mage Beste Spielothek in Neubloaschütz finden and could even kill her if Hawke either doesn't have enough rivalry or friendship points to stop him or they choose not to. The king's greatest autonomy is in the deployment of troops in the Dragon age dwarf Roads and the training of warriors. If the required motion ungarn torwart hose passed in the Assembly, these dwarves become Paragons and are revered during their lives as living Ancestors. The character is referred to simply as "The Warden" and occasionally by surname in the games dialogue. Varric then tried to go back and find another way out but as soon as he opened the door to enter the prison Beste Spielothek in Wentrup finden, he found a large number of Qunari guards waiting. Later he tells Hawke that in between Awakening and the beginning of Dragon Age II he allowed Justice to possess him and they want to have justice against the Circle of Magi. Nachdem der Wächter einige Zeit in die Spurensuche investiert hat, stellt er fest, dass das Schwert nun im Besitz von Dwyn ist. I think the tattoo will only change how dwarf nobles interact with you, since everyone else has no need to care if the dwarf is noble or not everyone outside of dwarven cities, if that wasn't clear. In agreement with the guy before me, it didn't let me keep my gold, and also think of the lore behind the Dwarf Noble origing sotry, you become casteless at the end of it, literally sent into the Deep with nothing, they took all you items and armor when they did that, so it makes sense that you lose your money too. Dwarf noble origin story is the best! Gib eine Beschreibung an. Um Sandal ist gesorgt, da er als Verzauberer in Orlais unterkommen wird und Bodahn ist sehr stolz darauf. Allerdings hat der Zwerg kein Interesse daran, bei der Verteidigung mitzuhelfen und er bittet den Wächter, ihn zu überreden. There's no good or bad choice, it's just a matter of personal prefference, depending on how they make you feel when you talk to them, which kinda sucks because this should be an important story plot. Startseite Diskussionen Workshop Markt Übertragungen. Dont let her empty your bank account either. Picked a different Origin than my usual one and a notice popped up that its good to have one during character creation, however i do not want one. Gib eine Beschreibung an. Biggest disappointment in this game.

Outside of companion characters, NPCs significant to the Origins plot include Duncan, the Grey Warden who recruits the player; King Cailan, Ferelden's naive but courageous leader and son of the legendary King Maric; Queen Anora, Cailan's young, politically-savvy wife, with a commanding personality that is somewhat offset by her ambition and ruthlessness; and Flemeth, Morrigan's mother, who appears to be a harmless old woman, but in truth is an infamous dark witch of Fereldan legend.

The faceless Darkspawn horde is led by the Archdemon Urthemiel, supposedly one of the Old Gods of the Tevinter Imperium incarnated in the form of a powerful and corrupted dragon with total control over the darkspawn.

The game's other main antagonists are Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, father of Queen Anora, a once-respected war hero gone mad with ambition and paranoia; and Rendon Howe, the amoral and corrupt Arl of Amaranthine who allies with Loghain to further his own ambitions.

Loghain can be recruited as a "secret companion," but doing so will cause Alistair to leave the Warden. One of six predetermined origin stories begins the game, depending on the player character 's race and class.

Each story ends with the player leaving with Duncan, the commander of Ferelden's Grey Wardens who, seeking new recruits, selects the player as a potential candidate.

The two journey to Ferelden's southern fortress, Ostagar, to join Cailan, the King of Ferelden, and his father-in-law Loghain, a legendary general.

The three leaders plan to attack the encroaching Darkspawn to stop a new Blight from overwhelming Ferelden. Duncan senses the influence of an Archdemon, a god-like Dragon that commands the Darkspawn, which makes this the first true Blight in over years.

Duncan emphasizes the importance of defeating the Blight before it can gain enough momentum to threaten the rest of Thedas. Duncan initiates the player into the Grey Wardens via a dangerous ritual called the Joining, which involves imbibing Darkspawn blood.

The recipient, if they survive, is granted the powerful Darkspawn essence, the Taint, which gives them a rudimentary connection into their hive mind to sense them.

After surviving, the player now nicknamed "The Warden" and fellow Grey Warden, Alistair, are tasked with lighting a beacon at the top of the fortress to signal Loghain's men into charging the Darkspawn horde flank.

However, upon arriving, Loghain abandons the battlefield, leaving Cailan, Duncan, and their army to be slain by the Darkspawn, who seize control of Ostagar and begin advancing into southern Ferelden.

The Warden and Alistair are saved by Flemeth, a powerful witch who lives in a secluded hermitage. Flemeth sends her daughter and apprentice, Morrigan, to accompany the Warden and Alistair in gathering a new army to combat the Archdemon and stop the Blight.

In addition, Alistair reveals that he is a bastard son of King Maric Theirin, Cailan's father, making him a contender for the now vacant throne.

Meanwhile, Loghain returns to Ferelden's capital city, Denerim, to inform his daughter, Queen Anora, of Cailan's death. Loghain scapegoats the Grey Wardens for the defeat at Ostagar and demands the deaths of any survivors.

While Anora inherits her husband's authority, Loghain quickly declares himself her regent and effectively seizes control of the kingdom, swiftly becoming a brutal and tyrannical ruler determined to retain power.

Ferelden's nobility rebel against him, igniting a civil war. This ends in an inconclusive stalemate, allowing the Darkspawn to advance further into Ferelden unopposed.

Eamon then calls a Landsmeet among the nobles of Ferelden to rally the kingdom against the Darkspawn, where the Warden or a party member defeats Loghain in a duel.

If Alistair defeats Loghain, he will then execute him. Otherwise, the Warden can either have Loghain executed or initiated into the Grey Wardens which causes Alistair to quit the party and the Wardens.

The night before the final battle, the Warden learns that a Grey Warden must slay the Archdemon to prevent it from releasing a demonic essence which finds a new host in the nearest Darkspawn.

The essence will be drawn to the Taint, killing the Warden in the process. Morrigan then meets with the Warden and proposes a ritual that will see her conceive a child with a Warden.

The Archdemon, upon death, will instead be drawn to the child, born as a demigod with the Taint, sparing the Warden who slays it.

Morrigan agrees to conceive the child on the condition that she be allowed to raise it alone. The next day, the Warden and the newly assembled army of Ferelden gather in Denerim.

They repel the Darkspawn horde and finally conquer the Archdemon atop Denerim's highest tower. If the ritual with Morrigan was performed, the Warden slays the Archdemon.

The remaining Darkspawn retreat from Denerim, marking the end of the Fifth Blight. The story ends with a ceremony attended by Ferelden citizens, where the Warden and their companions are honoured for saving the kingdom.

Lastly, a slideshow epilogue details the ramifications of the Warden's choices, including the future of Ferelden, any rumours, and the fates of his or her companions.

Origins in July , alongside a new trailer for the game. David Gaider , the lead writer for Origins , built the game's world first before writing the plot.

The team chose a "fantasy" setting because Dan Tudge, the game's director, thought that BioWare was at its best in the fantasy genre.

There were twelve different origin stories, including Human Commoner and Avvar, a barbarian origin. However, most of them were scrapped for being "ridiculous", leading to six stories being finalized.

Their creation also took far longer than other characters. However, Gaider was not satisfied and decided to completely rewrite her personality.

As a result, she was designed as a "blunt" person who always resists her mother. Finding a suitable voice actor for Morrigan took the most time of any character.

Ray Muzyka , co-founder of BioWare, said that the team wanted to try something that would be new but familiar to most players.

Greg Zeschuk , another co-founder of BioWare, described the fantasy of Dragon Age as in between the high fantasy of J. Tolkien 's works and the low fantasy of works by George R.

The goal was a "dark heroic fantasy" that would suit the taste of any fan of the genre. While elves are often described as a race of high prestige in fiction, Dragon Age: Origins presents them as slaves of humans, labelled as second-class citizens who resent the human race.

This extended to the gameplay, where the player can choose to discriminate against other races and can experience discrimination from others based on their choices.

BioWare recognized that non-linear choices are an element unique to video games in the entertainment industry. Zeschuk called the sheer number of choices in the game "big" and "impactful", and the team designed many of those to be emotional and create a more personal experience for the player.

This vision challenged the team to balance many key aspects, such as the amount of dialogue and animation in each cutscene, to create a believable scenario for players.

The team also hoped to handle romance in a more "mature" and "complicated" way, with a true reflection on human relationships and reactions rather than "adolescent titillation".

Muzyka added that it was an artistic choice and a decision made by the team, not the publisher Electronic Arts. While Origins is a single-player -only game, Muzyka described it as a "social experience", considering the narrative and its variety of paths as an integral part of the gameplay.

The characters a player meets, items they collect, and quests they receive and complete may be different, leading to a completely different experience.

He also considered the ways a player explores the world and discovers new areas as an exploration narrative.

As each player had a different experience, they hoped that those players would collaborate to expand upon their knowledge of the world.

To that effect, the team built a community site as an online social environment for players to communicate.

The game features an orchestral soundtrack with a choir , used both in-game and during cutscenes. The soundtrack was recorded by the performance of a piece orchestra, recorded twice and merged to sound like an piece orchestra.

Origins contains a large amount of voice acting recorded in the US and the UK. Mark Darrah, the executive producer of BioWare, described the cast of characters the largest of any of their games at that time and hoped that using celebrities would add a layer of depth and complexity to the characters.

While the game was originally intended for PC, a console version was announced in by gaming magazine Game Informer. To that end, the team decided to map six different actions together, and allow players to customize the arrangement.

The game was originally set to be released in early for Microsoft Windows , and later for PlayStation 3 and Xbox The team partnered with Edge of Reality to develop the console versions of the game.

In addition to the standard version, other editions of Origins were made available for purchase. The Collector's Edition came in a SteelBook with different artwork.

Like the standard edition, the Collector's Edition included a redemption code to obtain the Stone Prisoner and Blood Dragon Armor DLC for free, but also featured three additional exclusive in-game items, a bonus disc containing a making-of documentary, concept art, trailers, the game's original soundtrack, and a cloth map of Ferelden.

The Dragon Age Character Creator was released on October 13, , allowing players to create a character in advance and import it into the full game upon release.

Players can use these tools to craft new campaigns, quests, cinematics, and lip-syncing. Bad Company 2 and Spore for a limited time. BioWare announced that they would support the game with downloadable content for at least 2 years.

Origins received critical acclaim from major video game critics upon its release. While the game is considered to be virtually identical across all platforms, differences in user interface, graphical performance, and online content delivery have led the PC version to be reviewed more favorably than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox versions; Metacritic ranks the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox versions of the game with scores of 91, 87, and 86, respectively.

The game's setting was well received by critics. Dave Snider from Giant Bomb thought that the setting felt traditional due to the presence of dwarves and elves, but that the world was beautifully executed.

He also appreciated the small touches BioWare added to the world, noting the "French-tinged accent" of the Orlesian Empire humans.

He added that the six origin stories and their unique dialogue and referencing throughout the game make the world feel cohesive.

The game's story and characters also received praise. Snider said that the story is driven by the characters and that the choices presented in the game were difficult, making him regret some choices for weeks after completing the game.

He added that the game's main quest was well written, and its quality boosted by excellent voice acting; he called the performance of Claudia Black as Morrigan one of the best in the game.

He added that the deep character development made every choice "momentous". As for the game's combat, Snider called it streamlined but said that players who do not want to use the pause mechanic would not be able to appreciate the game, as the combat requires both patience and strategy.

He liked the game's third-person view more than the top-down view, saying that being able to view the sky made environments feel more complicated, and praised the high difficulty of boss battles, which task players to manage their stamina carefully.

His conclusion was that Origins "feels like a real throwback to the good old days of PC role-playing epics.

He added that players can have a lot of fun switching between characters, and agreed that the game had created thrilling boss battles. He praised the choice to have health and stamina replenish immediately after battles, as it sped up combat pace and flow.

The game's graphics received mixed reviews. VanOrd was not impressed, stating that the environments do not look as good viewed from a top-down perspective, but he praised the art style and some of the game's "eye-catching" landmarks.

However, he found the combat animation rewarding and satisfying. He further criticized the sex sequences as "off-putting". GamesRadar estimated that there are more than 80 hours of content available in the game.

Origins topped Steam 's sales chart on November 10, The Digital Deluxe version of the game was ranked first place, with the standard edition ranked second.

Origins gained recognition from several gaming publications for its achievements. Although the name "Origins" hinted that the game would be a beginning of a new franchise, the team did not expect the game to become successful and had never planned for sequels.

The game's sequel, Dragon Age II , was announced on July 9, , with the goal of bringing improved graphics and combat to the franchise.

Origins into the sequel; decisions that the player made during the course of Dragon Age: Origins are referenced while playing Dragon Age II.

The third installment of the series, titled Dragon Age: Inquisition , was announced on September 17, The game was released on November 18, , and in addition to the original three gaming platforms, it brought the Dragon Age franchise to the eighth generation of video game consoles: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A free-to-play mobile game, Heroes of Dragon Age , was released in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

November 3, AU: November 5, EU: November 3, EU: November 6, AU: Characters of Dragon Age. We don't constrain what they do. We don't strive for gratuitous content.

But we also ask the teams to choose a direction and then run with it. That was their choice. That's how they wanted to depict the romantic liaisons in the game, so that's what we did.

Retrieved September 25, Violence, Lust and Betrayal". Beraht has lots of coins riding on the young fighter Everd and wants the Dwarf Commoner to make sure he wins.

Beraht gives them a drug to use on Mainar , Everd's opponent. The Dwarf Commoner ended up in Beraht's custody. Beraht is quite angry with them, and the Dwarf Commoner's chance to are slim if they don't manage to get out of here.

Duncan uses the Right of Conscription and recruits the Dwarf Commoner which saves them from a death sentence for dishonoring the sacred Provings and the revered Ancestors.

If it has not been unlocked in a previous playthrough, on arrival in Ostagar the Casteless achievement will be awarded. In addition to those selected by the player at character creation, a Dwarf Commoner Warden automatically begins with the following:.

The Casteless Codex entry: The City of Orzammar Codex entry: The Castes Codex entry: The Proving Codex entry: Dwarven Faith Codex entry: The Grey Wardens Codex entry: Sign In Don't have an account?

Once the seat of an underground empire , Orzammar now stands alone, cut off from the world by the darkspawn , still clinging to the memory of its former glory.

Below the vast statues and gilded halls where the noble families play at politics, the lower castes live in their shadows, scurrying to serve like their Ancestors before them.

Below that… is you. You are casteless , the dirty secret staining Orzammar's perfect society, forced, along with your sister, to sell your services to the crime lord, Beraht.

To the rest of Orzammar, you are proof that the casteless deserve their fate; but you know you do what you have to——the same as everyone——just to survive.

Contents [ show ]. How he gets let back into Orzammar I can't rightly say… he claims that he has a deal worked out. Who am I to argue when someone has an angle?

Point is, he tells me what them cloudheads think of us dwarves down here. It isn't even just the humans , there's surface dwarves who're born and bred up in the sun who think the same things, don't know any different.

He says they say dwarves are smiths. Proud, noble warriors who like nothing better than to mine a vein of ore or forge a decent sword.

Had us a good laugh, we did. What would them humans think if they came to Dust Town and saw how the rest of us really lived? The ones that are casteless, the ones who aren't even considered worthy of being servants in the homes of the wealthy or pure enough to work the forges in the Shaperate?

The nobles make sure we casteless get tattooed so they know who we are when they see us.

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Gib eine Beschreibung an. In den letzten Jahren haben sich viele Oberflächenzwerge, insbesondere die Aufgestiegenen, anderen Gewerben zugewandt. Baron Offswitch Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen. Such display does not significantly impede the right of the copyright holder to sell the copyrighted material , is not being used to generate profit in this context , and presents ideas that cannot be exhibited otherwise. Bodahn kümmert sich liebevoll um seinen unselbstständigen Ziehsohn Sandal. Auf Nachfrage erzählt er von seiner Vergangenheit und gibt Auskünfte über die neuesten Gerüchte. In the past the Dwarf Noble could keep all their money but I just completed it on the Ulimtate Edition and when I got to Ostragar I was without my armor as normal but it also stripped me of all the gold too - one of the best reasons to play the Dwarf Noble was that you could start out with about 35g but apparently that isn't true anymore? Baron Offswitch Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen. Wikis entdecken Community Deutschland Wiki erstellen. Bodahn bleibt bis zum Free slots w/ Scatters | Scatters in Slots Explained | 13 an der Seite des Wächters. Diese neuen Gewerbe haben sich als enorme Quellen des Wohlstands erwiesen, werden von ihren eher konservativen Vettern jedoch mit Argwohn betrachtet. Man mag sich nun darüber streiten, ob er einem ehrlichen Tagewerk nachgeht oder nicht, doch Bodahn verteidigt sich stets damit, dass er Sandal zu versorgen habe und es besser sei, die Gegenstände einem nützlichen Zweck zuzuführen als sie der Dunklen Brut zu überlassen. In the vanilla game, it lets you keep yukon gold casino erfahrung gold

dwarf dragon age -

You have to pay attention to the story. In agreement with the guy before me, it didn't let me keep my gold, and also think of the lore behind the Dwarf Noble origing sotry, you become casteless at the end of it, literally sent into the Deep with nothing, they took all you items and armor when they did that, so it makes sense that you lose your money too. It never let you keep the gold. DA Dwarves are darker than a blood mage. All trademarks and registered trademarks present in the image are proprietary to BioWare, the inclusion of which implies no affiliation with Wikia or the Dragon Age Wiki. Eine gewisse Bindung zu Orzammar zu erhalten wurde für Generationen als einzige Lebensader für Oberflächenzwerge angesehen. As for Bhelan or Harrowmont, like everyone else said, they are both terrible. So whatever you choose you're going to end up regretting either one.

While the dwarves in Dragon Age share a lot with dwarves in other works of fiction, like their building skills and relation to stone and mountains, however, their names tend to be a little more melodic and more Norse-based than the stereotypical Scottish.

In game they also speak with mostly American accents, though this could also be a result of making it far easier to do the huge amounts of voice acting.

The names in this generator are heavily based on the names of the NPCs you find in game, including their last names.

Do note that while you can choose your own first name, your last name will always be the same, Aeducan or Cadash for example, depending on which Dragon Age you play.

To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. Don't like the names? Simply click again to get 10 new random names.

The background image above is a low res version of an image part of the Dragon Age copyright. This is not an official name generator, merely one inspired by this universe.

You're free to use names on this site to name anything in any of your own works, assuming they aren't already trademarked by others of course.

All background images part of the generators are part of the public domain and thus free to be used by anybody, with the exception of user submitted backgrounds, images part of existing, copyrighted works, and the pet name generator images.

The quest leads the player to a long forgotten city, Cadash Thaig, where the player finds a monument. Upon observation of such monument, the player finds out that Shale was formerly Shayle of House Cadash, a female dwarf who had volunteered herself, amongst other dwarven volunteers, to become a golem.

If Shale's approval rating is moderate at the end of the game, it is revealed in the epilogue that Shale has changed the way she thinks about 'fleshy beings'.

In fact, it even states that it will search for ways to restore its former dwarven self. Shale also makes an appearance in Dragon Age: Asunder , accompanying Wynne to an abandoned Grey Warden outpost in Orlais where a Tranquil researcher named Pharamond is investigating the nature of the Rite of Tranquility.

According to Wynne, Pharamond's research might give insight into how to return Shale to her original dwarven form. When Shale and Wynne arrive at the fortress, they find it overrun by demon-possessed corpses.

As Wynne leaves to find help in Val Royeaux, Shale disguises itself as a simple statue and stays behind to ensure nothing escapes or enters the fortress.

It later helps Wynne, Cole, and Leliana in freeing mages who had been unfairly imprisoned, and it destroys the phylacteries of all the mages in the White Spire.

Duncan is the leader of the Grey Wardens in Ferelden it is implied that he is the Warden-Commander, but never explicitly stated as such , and the only Warden tasked with finding recruits.

He recruits the player to join the Wardens and serves as the player's mentor early in the game, before perishing at the battle of Ostagar.

Cailan Theirin is the current king of Ferelden at the start of the game. Cailan has little interest in politics, but is a good man and a courageous warrior who believes in fighting for the right cause, as well as having much respect for the Grey Wardens.

While some considered him foolish and a child playing at being a king, Cailan was also seen as a moral and idealistic king, willing to make alliances with former enemies for the good of Ferelden.

He was also close to his men, as he would talk and drink with his soldiers in camp. In addition, he insisted that he fight alongside his forces and the Grey Wardens, despite the danger to his person.

He dies at the battle of Ostagar toward the beginning of the game; while fighting in the thick of the battle with the Grey Wardens to bolster his men, an ogre broke through the lines, seized Cailan and crushed him to death.

Alistair is his illegitimate half-brother. A subsequent DLC, Return to Ostagar , involves retrieving Cailan's corpse which the darkspawn have mutilated and crucified as a monument to their victory and belongings from the battlefield, and also reveals that Cailan was planning on divorcing Anora in favor of marrying the Orlesian empress, Celene I, a plot that may have contributed to Logain's betrayal.

Flemeth is the legendary "Witch of the Wilds", a powerful ancient, transcendent and apparently immortal shape-shifting mage affecting the appearance of an eccentric old woman or a high dragon depending on the situation.

At the start of the game, she gives the player and their group of Grey Warden recruits a set of ancient treaties and advice for their future.

She later rescues the player and Alistair from Ostagar, and commands her daughter Morrigan to accompany them on their subsequent journeys. As part of Morrigan's personal quest, the player may choose to attack Flemeth in which case she transforms into a powerful dragon , or simply agreeing to spare her and allow her to leave in exchange for her Grimoire.

Flemeth makes an appearance at the start of Dragon Age II , saving Hawke the player and their party from Darkspawn while sporting a new, more menacing look.

Later in the game it is revealed that regardless what happened in Dragon Age: Origins , she survived by putting a part of her soul in a medallion that she then gave to Hawke in exchange for safe passage to Kirkwall.

The Dalish elves living near Kirkwall then use the amulet to restore her. She warns Hawke and company that the world is about to change before departing.

Flemeth appears again in Dragon Age: Inquisition , encountering the Inquisitor and Morrigan whilst they're searching for a way to defeat Corypheus.

If Morrigan's son Kieran exists, Flemeth meets with him and, if he has Urthemiel's soul, extracts it. If Kieran does not exist, Flemeth is only curious to see who drank from the Well of Sorrows.

In all cases, Flemeth reveals that she is possessed by what's left of the Elven goddess Mythal, and that she has been working throughout the centuries to give the goddess the justice that was denied to her.

At the end of Inquisition , Flemeth has a discussion with Solas, who is similarly the vessel of the Elven god Fen'harel, She is last seen having her power, and possibly the soul of the Old God, drained by Solas, leaving her fate unknown.

The current Queen Consort of Ferelden and Loghain's daughter. Unlike her husband, Anora is a heavy player in politics and wants to protect the kingdom and its people, though it is clear she believes herself entitled to the position of Queen.

When Loghain takes over the kingdom as Regent, she supports him at first. However, after witnessing his disastrous and paranoid political choices, she starts doubting him and confronts him about Cailan's death.

Horrified to learn that her father did indeed leave her husband to die at Ostagar on purpose, thus triggering the civil war and leaving Ferelden extremely vulnerable to the Darkspawn horde, she opposes her father's plan but is kidnapped by Arl Rendon Howe to prevent her speaking at the Landsmeet.

After the player rescues her, Anora will support the Grey Warden against her father during the Landsmeet as long as her position as Queen of Ferelden is secured by supporting her right to rule, either as queen regnant, as Alistair's queen or by marrying a male Warden if he is a Human Noble though the Warden is perfectly free to lie to obtain her support and then betray her once her usefulness is over.

If Anora is deposed, her fate is not revealed; she is presumably imprisoned or executed off-screen. Zathrian is the Keeper a position that is a combination of tribal chief and shaman of a clan of Dalish Elves.

He recruits the player's party in the elimination of the werewolves and their leader, Witherfang, a white wolf who is the source of the lycanthropy curse plaguing the Brecilian Forest.

The player locates Witherfang in an old elven ruin and learns that Zathrian himself is responsible for the curse created to take revenge on a party of humans who murdered his family , which affects both the werewolves and, unfortunately, the Dalish elves as well when they become infected through injuries.

Depending on which path the player chooses to take upon meeting Witherfang, the player may side with the Dalish Elves and help Zathrian eliminate the werewolves and take the heart of Witherfang, side with the Dalish Elves and persuade Zathrian to release the curse and thus end his own life in the process, or side with the werewolves and persuade Witherfang to lead an attack on the Dalish camp to annihilate the elves and thus recruit the werewolves as allies in the upcoming battle with the Archdemon.

Cunning, ruthless and intelligent, Bhelen wants to end Orzammar's isolationism and abolish its rigid caste system for the good of his people.

Bhelen is also responsible for the Dwarf Noble PC's exile so he may becomes next in line for Orzammar's throne. If the player chooses him as the new King of Orzammar, Bhelen will end Orzammar's isolation, abolish its caste system and improves the welfare of his people.

His reign is seen as bringing a new Golden age for his kingdom, but Bhelen is forced to become a dictator when rebel dwarfs nobles resist his policies and try to assassinate him.

A friend and confidant of the previous King of Orzammar. Despite being a traditionalist, he is an honorable man and wants to prevent Bhelen to take throne due to the latter's schemes including being responsible for the Dwarf Noble PC exile.

If the player chooses Pyral as the new King of Orzammar, the kingdom becomes more isolated due to his traditionalist policies, leaving Orzammar a kingdom condemned to continue its slow decay.

He is first mentioned in Lothering as deathly sick from an incurable illness; in truth, he has been poisoned by an assassin of Loghain's.

He is also the maternal uncle of King Cailan and therefore Alistair. He is later revived by the Warden by giving him the Urn of Sacred Ashes and becomes instrumental in helping the Warden rally support for his cause, both against Loghain and the darkspawn.

It is also implied that Eamon was privately urging Cailan to divorce Anora, as Eamon believed her to be barren and incapable of giving Cailan an heir to continue the Theirin bloodline, which may have factored into Loghain's motivation to assassinate him.

Inquistion , Arl Eamon is said to have retired, with his brother inheriting both his lands and his position. Riordan is an Orlesian Grey Warden who, due to being born in Ferelden, was sent as an advance scout by the Orlesian support forces when they were turned away by Loghain.

Riordan was a friend of Duncan having gone through their Joining together. During the final battle in Denerim, he confronts the Archdemon alone and succeeds in wounding it enough to give the player a chance to slay it, though Riordan perishes before he can join the final fight.

He was King Maric's right hand during Ferelden's war against the Orlesians. First seen at Ostagar, he is introduced as the general who provides strategies for Maric's son, Cailan, in the defense of the realm from the Blight.

However, during the battle, after the signal is given for Loghain to launch an attack on the darkspawn's flank, he strays from the plan and retreats from the field, along with his army, leaving both the King and the Grey Wardens to their deaths.

For the majority of the game from then on, Loghain takes up residence in Denerim and appoints himself regent to his daughter, Queen Anora and becomes the de facto ruler of Ferelden.

He uses the Grey Wardens as a scapegoat , blaming his traitorous actions at Ostagar on the Wardens simultaneously outlawing the Order in Ferelden, putting a price on the head of any survivors and closing the border to Warden reinforcements from Orlais and demands Ferelden's nobility submit to his rule.

The nobility, either disbelieving Loghain's explanation of the disaster at Ostagar or feeling that, given his common birth and the alacrity with which he had taken the regency in the aftermath of Cailan's death, Loghain was opportunistically grabbing a throne he had no claim to, refused to acknowledge Loghain's authority and demanded that he resign the regency; Loghain's refusal to do so and heavy-handed tactics to force the people to fall into line instigate a civil war between his forces and those of Ferelden's nobility.

Loghain's primary motivation for betraying Cailan was his belief that the Blight was a hoax perpetrated by Orlais to facilitate a new Orlesian invasion of Ferelden as he believed Orlesian troops invited by the Grey Wardens to combat the Blight would refuse to leave once the darkspawn were defeated and because he suspected Cailain intended to divorce Anora in favour of a political union with Empress Celene.

Many of his detractors argue that his hatred of Orlais born as a result of his youth spent fighting the occupation and losing his family to Orlesian oppression is blinding him to reason, to the point where he focuses all his military forces on strengthening Ferelden's border with Orlais and violently brutalizing any who object to his paranoid decisions while the darkspawn rampage unchecked across the country.

Loghain may join the player's party as a warrior very late in the game, during the Landsmeet. After the player and Loghain duel each other, the player may choose to either have Loghain executed for his crimes or inducted into the Grey Wardens.

Allowing Loghain to live will force Alistair to leave the party in disgust and will allow Loghain to join the player's party as a new Grey Warden.

Choosing to have Loghain killed will result in Alistair staying, but Anora refusing to marry whomever killed her father.

It is possible if the player has hardened Alistair through his personal quest to have Alistair still marry Anora and rule as king while keeping Loghain alive, in this path Loghain still replaces him as a party member.

Loghain is aware the Joining was meant to be a death sentence, and is willing to sacrifice himself to kill the archdemon, seeing it as a way of making amends for his mistakes.

Loghain makes a small cameo appearance in Dragon Age: Origins — Awakening should he survive in Dragon Age: Origins where he informs the player he is being sent by the Grey Wardens to Orlais for aid, and commands the player to treat his daughter well, if the player married Anora.

Howe is an ambitious, amoral and self-obsessed man who is determined to gain power by any means necessary. He is Loghain's closest advisor, providing a shrewd and calculating political aid to Loghain, and serves as a secondary antagonist to the Warden particularly Wardens of Human Noble origin, since Howe murdered their family to usurp the title of Teryn of Highever.

Howe is notorious for using any means to achieve his desires, including authorizing torture, slavery and mass murder, but this proves his downfall when he takes Queen Anora hostage to stop her speaking out at the Landsmeet: The second and final main antagonist of Dragon Age: An ancient and powerful dragon, Urthemiel was worshipped once as one of the Old Gods of the Tevinter Imperium; known as the "Dragon of Beauty", he was the patron deity of artists, musicians and poets.

But that changed when the Architect found and accidentally used Grey Warden blood on him in an experiment deep below the earth; this backfires and Urthemiel was tainted as an archdemon, a terrifying and deranged monster able to control the darkspawn hordes.

As the final antagonist of the story, Urthemiel unleashes the might of the darkspawn on Ferelden, causing untold death and destruction before finally being slain at the battle of Denerim.

With the archdemon's death, the darkspawn are routed and the Fifth Blight ended. At his death, Urthemiel's soul has two paths to take- it can transfer into the body of the nearest darkspawn or Grey Warden killing both in the case of the latter , or it can transfer into Morrigan's son Kieran, if the Warden and Morrigan performed the ritual that would allow his soul to transfer into Kieran.

If that latter is performed, then Flemeth, Morrigan's 'mother' and the Elven Goddess Mythal in corporeal form, will take Urthemiel's soul from Kieran, leaving him to grow up a normal boy.

Flemeth's plans for Urthemiel's soul remains unknown. This character can either be the Grey Warden from the previous game or a new Grey Warden from the Orlesian empire.

The only character to carry over as a party member from Origins , Oghren is the same drunken, womanizing, warrior dwarf as before.

He's a heavy hitter, and his skill set favors two-handed weapons. He joins the player's party after the player arrives at Vigil's Keep only to find it overrun with darkspawn.

He asks to become a Grey Warden and easily survives the Joining without fainting. Throughout the gameplay, the player can return to Vigil's Keep and click on the cask of alcohol behind him in order to engage in some dialogue, and potentially gain or lose approval rating.

His personal quest involves talking to him after his new wife makes a visit to reprimand him about leaving her and their child behind to become a Grey Warden.

A human female warrior who serves as the player's escort to Vigil's Keep. Mhairi, who starts with the champion specialization, is a recent recruit to the Wardens and has yet to undertake the joining when she enters your party.

After defeating the Withered, she takes the joining alongside Oghren and Anders if the player chooses to conscript the latter into the Grey Wardens.

Of these three, Mhairi is the only one who does not survive the joining. Mhairi has no personal quest and though the player can raise her approval via gifts, there are no gifts which will trigger a dialogue with her.

A wise-cracking human apostate mage. He has escaped the Circle of Magi at least seven times, only to be brought back by the Templars. He was in the midst of being brought back to The Circle once again when darkspawn attacked at Vigil's Keep.

When the Warden-Commander arrives, the Templars all lie dead around him, presumably killed by the darkspawn Anders' first words to the Warden-Commander when met in this compromising position are "I didn't do it".

When more soldiers and the monarch of Ferelden arrive, another Templar accuses him of murder, instead. From here, the player has the option of conscripting him into the Grey Wardens in order to save him from execution.

His personality is reminiscent of Alistair's, but he comes with the "spirit healer" skill set and tactics, very similar to Wynne's. During his personal quest, he asks the player to help him find his phylactery and destroy it.

If helped, Anders is somewhat surprised and very grateful for the Warden-Commander's help, and his approval rating increases significantly.

Hawke must help Anders's mage friend Karl to receive the map. When they meet Karl, they get attacked by Templars and Anders releases the power of Justice.

Later he tells Hawke that in between Awakening and the beginning of Dragon Age II he allowed Justice to possess him and they want to have justice against the Circle of Magi.

However, Justice became more "vengeance" than "justice" after their joining. Later in the game Hawke must do personal quests for Anders to help mages to escape the Circle.

During which he unknowingly threatens a mage girl and could even kill her if Hawke either doesn't have enough rivalry or friendship points to stop him or they choose not to.

Later he tells Hawke that he has a potion to cure him from Justice, and convinces Hawke to collect ingredients for a bomb that will be later placed in the Chantry.

The bomb will be created whether or not you help him. Later while Hawke argues with the Templars and the mages, Anders blows up the chantry.

It is discovered that Knight-Commander Meredith had previously sent for the right of annulment, an order to kill all the mages in the Kirkwall circle, but after the destruction of the Chantry she activated it with out approval from the divine.

Before the final battle, Hawke can choose to kill Anders, to let Anders go, or to convince him to help with the battle.

He is a rogue with the archer specialty, and has talents to bypass traps and locks. Nathaniel is found in the dungeons of Vigil's Keep after the darkspawn attack, awaiting the Warden's judgment.

He snuck into the Keep, which was part of his family's former arling, in order to kill the Warden-Commander. However, once inside, he had a change of heart and decided only to try steal back some of his family's belongings.

He was caught, and it took four Grey Wardens to imprison him. The player can decide to have him executed, let him go if released he later finds the player and asks to join the Grey Wardens , or force conscription into the Grey Wardens.

He is fairly repulsed by the idea, and makes his hatred of the player abundantly clear, but will go through with it and survive the Joining.

In the beginning he blames the Grey Wardens for his father's death and his family's fall from grace, claiming that his father was merely on the wrong side of the war.

During the events of Origins, he was away at the Free Marches, and has lost contact with most of his family that did not die.

He learns that his sister still lives and is now living in the city of Amaranthine. If he finds his sister she will confront him about his blind love for their father.

She explains that Arl Howe brought things down on himself and his family, and that he was all in all a lying, traitorous murderer. After the meeting he comes to terms with this, and tells the player he no longer blames the Grey Warden for the downfall of Howes and his father's death.

Depending on the choices made at the end of Dragon Age: A somewhat naive dwarf rogue, formerly a member of the Legion of the Dead, a Dwarven order with the same primary task as the Grey Wardens.

She specializes in dual weapon wielding and points must be added to get her the lock picking and trap detection talents.

The player finds her in the thaig Kal'Hirol, which has been opened up by a giant chasm in the ground, caused by the Blight or other darkspawn activity.

Her entire squad was killed during their investigation of the darkspawn incursion in this thaig, but she ran away and survived, which she repeatedly expresses guilt over throughout the game, as the Legionaries are considered already dead and therefore should not value their lives anymore.

The Player offers to help her redeem herself by inspecting the thaig with her, and after the player makes it all the way through and kills the brood mothers present, eventually a dialogue option allows the player to offer her a place in the Grey Wardens.

She will accept after some minimal encouragement and survive the Joining, which must be initiated by talking to the seneschal at Vigil's Keep.

After raising her approval to a high enough level, her personal quests triggers in Amaranthine where she bumps into someone from her past.

A Dalish elf mage who was the Keeper of her clan before it was wiped out by the darkspawn. She opens up the new Keeper talent tree which gives her some new unique abilities.

The player meets her in the Wending Wood, while investigating the mysterious attacks on the human-run caravans passing through there.

It turns out that it is she who has been attacking the caravans, but it is because she was tricked by the darkspawn into believing that it was humans who attacked her tribe and kidnapped her sister, not the darkspawn themselves.

Upon confronting her at the ruins of her tribe's camp, the Warden has the choice of killing Velanna for the murders she has committed or explaining the situation to her.

Once the player gets things settled with her, she joins your party and the player goes into the Silverite Mine to find her sister and kill the present darkspawn.

The player meets the Architect, and find out that Velanna's sister had joined him of her own free will. Once the player makes it through the mine, Velanna demands that the player let her become a Grey Warden so she is better able to fight the darkspawn and find her sister again.

If her approval rating is high enough, a random encounter on the world map will trigger and more of her past actions will come to light.

A Fade spirit of Justice who accidentally possessed the body of the dead Grey Warden, Kristoff, after being forced from the fade with the rest of the party by a Pride demon and taking hold of the nearest vessel..

During the course of the game Justice undergoes arguably the most evolution as a character. He begins as a benevolent spirit that aspires to Justice as its only attribute, knowing and caring little for the world outside the fade beyond viewing everyone who does inhabit it with condescending pity.

As the player journeys with him, he begins to experience the Kristoff's memories, and after a particularly distressing visit from the late Kristoff's wife he starts questioning his identity.

If the player chooses to help Justice track down Kristoff's wife he will resolve that whatever time he has left will be spent fighting to protect the love and beauty he has discovered in the material world.

An intelligent, sentient darkspawn emissary, the Architect is different from the rest of his kind in that he has free will: His goal is to release all the darkspawn from this compulsion, and he will do anything necessary to achieve this.

The Architect is highly intelligent, but has little understanding of other races and is completely devoid of morality; to the Architect, the end always justifies the means, regardless of the cost.

At the game's climax, the Architect offers an alliance with the Warden-Commander for the greater good: The Warden-Commander must decide whether to ally with the Architect in the common cause of stopping the Blights, or killing him for his many crimes though if they ally with him, the Mother tells the Warden Commander that it was the Architect's experiments that caused the events of Dragon Age: Origins , though the Architect insists freeing Urthemiel was an accident and he never intended to start a Blight.

The Architect is also a character in the second novel, Dragon Age: Much as in Awakening, the Architect wished to free his darkspawn brethren from their compulsion by killing the Old Gods; however, he believed the mortal races and darkspawn would never see eye-to-eye even were they freed from the Old Gods.

Viewing the Grey Wardens, who share the same taint as the darkspawn, as a middle ground, the Architect planned to spread the taint across Thedas in order to create a similar state among the mortal races, even knowing that thousands of people worldwide would die and the survivors would be tainted; he believed the chance of peace between humanity and darkspawn was worth the high cost.

Several of the Grey Wardens agreed with his ideas and allowed their taint to be "quickened", turning them into ghouls.

Although the character is not addressed directly in Dragon Age: Inquisition , codex entries heavily imply that the Architect, like Corypheus, is one of the original magisters who entered the Golden City and were cast out as the first Darkspawn.

A broodmother a woman corrupted into a monster that breeds more darkspawn freed from the call of the Old Gods by the Architect, the Mother was driven insane by the realization of what she had become and the loss of her purpose to find the Old Gods.

Calling to her other darkspawn freed by the Architect but dissatisfied with him, and a horde of unchanged darkspawn, the Mother simply wishes to destroy everything in Ferelden, mortal or darkspawn, and her armies now ravage both Amaranthine and the Deep Roads, fighting against the forces of the Grey Wardens and those loyal to the Architect.

The Mother has no greater goal than utter destruction: After defeating the Mother's armies, the Warden Commander confronts the Mother in her lair and slays her in a final battle, truly ending the Fifth Blight.

Hawke escaped the darkspawn invasion by fleeing north to the Free Marches, eventually rising from an impoverished refugee to become the Champion of Kirkwall and ultimately, an outcast again.

The player decides Hawke's gender, appearance, personality, combat specialization, political affiliation and given name , although the latter is never used.

Unlike the Warden from the first game, Hawke's origin story is fixed and differs only slightly as a result of the class chosen. Hawke reappears in Dragon Age: Inquisition , having gone into hiding following the events of II.

They work alongside the Inquisition to investigate the actions of the Grey Wardens in Orlais. Players could recreate their own custom Hawke using an in-game editor, and import their personality, class and accomplishments using the Dragon Age Keep.

Varric is a surface dwarf, a member of Dwarven merchant's guild and a known associate of Hawke. The video game's intro shows him captured and interrogated by Cassandra Pentaghast, an inquisitor and Seeker of the Chantry a fictional equivalent of the Catholic Church ; thus Varric becomes the narrator of the Dragon Age II story.

Varric first meets Hawke roughly a year after the Hawke family has arrived in Kirkwall and makes them a partner in an expedition into the perilous region of The Deep Roads.

They remain close friends until the end of the game, when they are inevitably separated. The Tethras family was once part of the noble caste in Orzammar, until Varric's father was caught fixing Provings.

Such was the disgrace and danger to the family that the household had no choice but to leave for the surface. Varric was born a year after House Tethras left for the surface, so he has no love for the Dwarves living underground.

Varric is a black sheep amongst dwarves; his appearance, attire or conduct resembles that of no other dwarf in the game. He is a playable character of the Rogue class and wields Bianca, a crossbow which is unique in the game.

He likes storytelling, especially when he has the chance of deviating from factual accuracy to make the story more interesting.

Twice he dares risking such a feat in his narration, triggering the wrath of his interrogator. In the Silent Grove, Varric accompanies Isabela and Alistair in the latter's quest to find out the whereabouts of his father King Maric to Antiva City where they infiltrate the headquarters of the Antivan Crows.

Varric disarms the traps inside before the trio are confronted by Prince Claudio Valisti. Back at a brothel, Varric discusses what is to come next with Alistair.

Varric assists in the infiltration of Velabanchel prison, opening the gates. However, he inadvertently alerts the Antivan Crows, causing a huge battle to ensue.

After escaping Velabanchel, Varric once again discusses Alistair's intentions. He accompanies his companions into the Tellari swamps, where they are attacked by a high dragon, before being met by Yavana, who calms the beast.

After speaking with Yavana, the trio are attacked by Claudio Valisti and his men. Alistair allows himself to be dragged away in exchange for Varric and Isabela's lives.

The witch places a mysterious enchantment on Varric and Isabela, and merely says that the two will "play their part" when Varric asks what she will gain from the bargain.

Varric then storms Valisti's camp alongside Isabela, rescuing Alistair. They go to a ball in a city in Tevinter Imperium where Titus is expected to show up.

She helps Varric and his companions by asking Lord Devon to keep Isabela's ship off the registry. When the brawl finished Isabela managed to capture one of the Titus' men alive whom they took back to the pirate ship.

Varric interrogated the minion and tricked him into revealing to Varric that Titus is in Seheron. However, when the ship was sailing towards the Magister's stronghold, two Qunari dreadnoughts showed up.

After a short fight, Alistair, Varric and Isabela along with the crew was captured and was sent to a Qunari prison. Sten is revealed to be the new Arishok following the previous' death at the hands of the Champion of Kirkwall.

When Isabela managed to escape from her cell, she freed Alistair and Varric before she went to free her crew as well. Alistair and Varric then fought their way out of the prison, only to encounter Sten in the exit holding a giant maul and since Varric didn't have his Bianca with him to assist effectively, the fight ended up in a duel between Alistair and Sten.

Varric then tried to go back and find another way out but as soon as he opened the door to enter the prison again, he found a large number of Qunari guards waiting.

He cunningly told them that their Arishok is in an honorable duel with Alistair so both Varric and the guards started watching the duel instead.

When Alistair defeated Sten, he refused to kill him and instead invited him to help him in his quest against their mutual enemy, Magister Titus.

Sten agreed to the invitation of the King of Ferelden so Isabela got back her pirate ship and her crew and along with Alistair and Varric started sailing to Titius stronghold in Seheron accompanied by two Qunari dreadnoughts and Sten.

Varric infiltrates the stronghold, frees Tilani -who had been taken prisoner- and finds Marric. However, after taking down Aurelius, the party is forced to kill Maric out of mercy.

They then all go their separate ways. Varric returns as a full party member in Dragon Age: Inquisition , where he is revealed to be a professional author.

He is taken to the Conclave to give his story of the events of Dragon Age II to Divine Justinia, and later signs on with the Inquisition following the destruction of the Conclave.

He is revealed to have lied to Cassandra about not knowing Hawke's whereabouts, out of fear that his friend would be put in danger if he co-operated.

One of the Hawke twins and a mage. She fled Lothering to escape the Blight with her family. Dependent on player's class, either Bethany or her twin brother Carver will die protecting their mother from an ogre as they flee the darkspawn onslaught of Lothering.

If Bethany survives and the player brings her to the Deep Roads, she dies unless Anders is also brought along, who will persuade the Grey Warden, Stroud, to enlist her, effectively saving her life.

If left behind, Bethany is captured and forced into the Kirkwall Circle of Magi, a quarantine facility meant to separate mages from the normal populace.

In either case, Bethany will not be available until the end of the game or during certain DLCs. Bethany employs magic in combat.

Her specialty is Force Magic which involves the use of telekinesis to hurl, knock down, stun and harm enemies. The elder of the Hawke twins, Carver specializes in two-handed swords.

He is generally at odds with his elder sibling, due to their having taken over their father's role after his death, and possibly due to Carver being the only non-magical child in the family.

He fled Lothering to escape the Blight with his family. Dependent on player class, either Carver if the player is a rogue or warrior or his twin sister Bethany if the player is a mage will die protecting their mother from an ogre as they flee the darkspawn onslaught of Lothering.

If Carver survives and the player takes him on the Deep Roads expedition, he will contract the Taint and die unless Anders is also taken, whereupon Carver can join the Grey Wardens.

If he is left behind, he joins the Kirkwall Templars, the military branch of the Chantry trained to control the mages under their watch. In either case, Carver will not be available until the end of the game or during certain DLCs.

Carver takes the anti-magic combat specialization of the Templars, allowing him to prevent enemies from using special techniques. Aveline is the daughter of an exiled chevalier from Orlais who was born in Fereldan and served in the army of King Cailan before his death.

She and her Templar husband Wesley meet the Hawkes on their flight from Lothering; Wesley dies during their escape in a mercy killing by either Hawke or Aveline to stop the Darkspawn taint from turning him into a ghoul.

Aveline joins the Hawkes in escaping to Kirkwall, where she eventually becomes a member of city guard.

She is later promoted to the Captain of the Guard after exposing the former Captain's corruption. Aveline is one of the two companions with whom the player cannot initiate a romance, although she can be flirted with and will give Hawke a kiss.

During the course of the game, she falls in love with Donnic, a guardsman under her command, and can marry him with the player's encouragement. Originally a warrior specializing in two-handed weapons, Aveline switches to a single-handed sword and shield when her husband falls in battle during the Prologue and remains such throughout the game.

Her default specialization is to serve as a tank , attracting and absorbing hostile fire. The former captain of the pirate ship The Siren's Call and previously a minor character in Dragon Age: Origins , she resides in Kirkwall after being shipwrecked and can be enlisted into player's party.

Unbeknownst to all, Isabela is the main reason behind the military presence of the Qunari race in Kirkwall as she stole a much-craved artifact from the Qunari.

Depending on the player's choices, she may return the artifact to the Qunari Arishok commander-in-chief. The Arishok demands that she be taken prisoner as well.

The player can either comply, duel the Arishok or engage the entire Qunari force in combat. Isabela is scantily dressed and promiscuous.

However, she confesses that as a ship captain, she must part with promiscuity and treat men under her command with extreme charisma as to not to give them a chance of mutiny.

She holds little respect for laws and considers monetary gain the only reason to embark on an adventure. The only exception however is the lucrative business of slaves trade which, much to Aveline's surprise, Isabela considers evil.

She is another rogue character but prefers daggers and stealth in combat, or provoking enemies to attack her at severely weakened penalties.

Isabela is a major character of the digital comics Dragon Age: The Silent Grove , Dragon Age: Those Who Speak and Dragon Age: Until We Sleep with the second providing her with more background.

It is revealed that Isabela's birth name is Naishe, but, when she became a pirate the first ship's captain she served under began to call her "Isabela", his "little beauty", as a joke.

She eventually adopted the name as her pseudonym. She is originally from Rivain, but has traveled extensively throughout the world of Thedas.

Her mother converted to the Qun during the Qunari occupation of Rivain and sold Isabela into marriage with an associate of the Antivan Crows, Luis, when she refused to convert.

Luis was a rich man, and bought Isabela many fine things, but the marriage was loveless and she was treated as his "plaything". She ultimately had Luis assassinated by Zevran Arainai after he asked her to "entertain" his friends.

She then stole Luis' ship, and took up the pirate's life. Isabela became extremely promiscuous, and soon became a feared raider—the "Queen of the Eastern Seas".

After meeting Prince Claudio Valisti - a former "business partner" of Isabela's late husband - Isabela warns Alistair to not trust a word Claudio says.

Isabela assists in infiltrating Velabanchel, and - along with Varric - holds off the Antivan Crows while Alistair goes after his target.

Isabela captains the ship she and her companions use to escape Velabanchel, later navigating through the Tellari swamps. She is the first to attempt to defend Alistair from attack from Yavana's high dragon.

While leaving the swamps following their meeting with Yavana in the Silent Grove, Claudio pierces her with an arrow and kidnaps Alistair in exchange for Isabela and Varric's lives.

Isabela swears to hunt Claudio down and kill him. The witch replies that it is not her concern, but Varric bargains with her and Yavana heals Isabela's wound.

The two then storm Claudio's camp. Isabela engages Claudio in a duel with him taunting her with her past and allegations. Isabella, however, kills him.

In Those Who Speak , Isabella and her companions travel to a Tevinter city and attend a ball, where she meets a person she appears to be familiar with - Lord Devon.

She seems to have a long-lasting hatred for him. Devon in his turn is surprised that she is alive. In a conversation "eye-to-eye" he mentions that Isabela owes him and threatens to reveal to Alistair what happened at the Venefication Sea.

She intimidates him into silence by drawing out her dagger. Finally, Aurelian Titus arrives. Alistair confronts him, but he flees, leaving his minions to fight for him.

The last of them occasionally wounds Devon. Isabela knocks Devon's offender unconscious to the floor, but as he is muttering thanks she stabs Devon in his chest.

She tells her companions that he was killed by Titus's man. She is eventually captured by the Qunari with Sten as their new Arishok along with Alistair and Varric.

She is interrogated by a qunari named Rasaan who tries to forcefully convert her to the Qun. She escapes, frees Alistair, Varric and her crew before defeating Rasaan.

She then sails with her companions and the kunari, with whom Alistair forged an alliance, towards Magister Aurelius Titus' stronghold.

They eventually find Maric but are forced to kill him out of mercy after taking down Aurelius. Isabela and her companions then go their separate ways.

Isabela appears as a downloadable character in the Dragon Age: Merrill is a mage and the "First" to the Keeper of her Dalish clan. She originally appeared in the Dalish Elf origin story in Dragon Age: Origins , at a time when her clan was traveling through Ferelden.

The clan travelled north to escape the Blight shortly afterwards and settled at Sundermount, a peak to the north of Kirkwall.

Merrill is a companion and potential love interest for Hawke. Hawke recruits Merrill when Keeper Marethari whom Hawke was dealing with due to a debt owed to Flemeth requests that Hawke escort her to Kirkwall, due to Merrill's desire to leave the clan.

Merrill's obsession with restoring an ancient magical mirror known as an eluvian seen in Origins and her use of blood magic to do so have caused a rift between her and her clan; she views it as an artifact which could help the Dalish regains their lost history and culture, while the Keeper thinks it's too dangerous.

She eventually requests Hawke to help her requisition a needed tool from the Keeper in exchange for a service to the clan, which the player can later refuse to give to her.

In Act III she requests that Hawke to help her contact the demon that gave her power in order to finish restoring the mirror.

Knowing that it is trap, the Keeper intervenes and allows the demon to possess her, leading to her death.

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